“You’re just a plain b***h” – When Mandy Rose launched a scathing attack on WWE rival

Mandy Rose is one of WWE Tough Enough’s biggest success stories. In 2015, the former fitness competitor finished as the runner-up in the show’s sixth season. As ever with reality television, the series featured its fair share of disagreements, most notably between Rose and fellow contestant Gabi Castrovinci.

The July 14, 2015, episode, titled “One Man Show,” revolved around microphone skills. Gabi was eliminated at the end of the episode after struggling in her promo battle with Rose, then known by her real name Amanda Saccomanno.

At the time, viewers only saw a snippet of the heated exchange on television. WWE later uploaded a full version of the back-and-forth dispute, in which Rose called her rival out for branding her “fake” on social media:

“She leaves the barracks to go behind a keyboard and talk smack about me, her biggest competition. Really? I’m not much competition for you because I’ve literally beaten you, I can’t even describe, you’ve came in last every competition. You claim you have this big personality, but all we’ve seen is that you’re just a plain b***h. That’s all you are in this competition. You’re a b***h.” [1:55 – 2:23]

Mandy Rose’s fiery response blurred the lines between fiction and reality. Following gasps from the audience, Gabi hit back by reminding her rival that the WWE product is supposed to be PG-rated:

“And that proves that I’m not a b***h because you have no class. Because as far as I am concerned, the show is PG.” [2:25 – 2:32]

Later in the promo, Rose challenged Gabi to say something to her face next time instead of badmouthing her on the internet.

Gabi Castrovinci and Mandy Rose: What happened next?

Renee Paquette, formerly known as Renee Young in WWE, interviewed Gabi after her elimination. The Brazilian claimed she was “glad” to be leaving the show. She also aimed a dig at Mandy Rose by saying she wanted to learn how to wrestle, not “pick fights.”

Gabi Castrovinci
I guess I’m going to keep doing the right thing lol @TripleH @WWEToughEnough #ToughEnoughGabi #RealDeal http://t.co/aIfdTliWTU
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Gabi went on to appear in IMPACT under the name Raquel in 2016 and 2017. Meanwhile, Rose signed a development contract with WWE and later became a key member of the RAW, SmackDown, and NXT women’s divisions.

In December 2022, the former NXT Women’s Champion was handed her release from WWE due to content she posted online.

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