WWE Rumor Roundup: Multiple releases, Cody Rhodes’ future, and more

Welcome to the latest edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup, where we aim to bring you the most prominent rumors and updates from the world of sports entertainment. In today’s edition, we will examine some exciting stories revolving around top names like Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, and Brock Lesnar.

The Scottish Warrior has not been seen since WrestleMania 39, as he was having differences with the company regarding his contract. However, in a positive update, McIntyre may soon be ready to make his return to the company. Apart from that, we will also take a look at what the future holds for Cody Rhodes:

3) Cody Rhodes expected to compete at MITB

WRKD Wrestling
Nearly winning it ten years ago back in 2013, Cody Rhodes is expected to return as a competitor in the Money In The Bank match this year in London, England.
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Despite some reports suggesting that Cody Rhodes will take some time off after Night of Champions, WRKD Wrestling has stated that he is set to compete at Money in the Bank. Not only that, he is expected to be a part of the ladder match to crown the next Mr. MITB.

”Nearly winning it ten years ago back in 2013, Cody Rhodes is expected to return as a competitor in the Money in the Bank match this year in London, England.”

Rhodes suffered a broken arm courtesy of Brock Lesnar on RAW this week. However, he is still set to compete against The Beast Incarnate at Night of Champions. The American Nightmare was able to defeat Lesnar at Backlash, but with a broken arm now, his chances to win seem slim.

2) Drew McIntyre ready to return to WWE

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I miss Drew McIntyre.
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According to recent reports, Drew expressed discontentment with his current position within the company, leading to speculation about his potential departure from the organization. However, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer said that he is ready to return and is waiting for the creative to plan something.

“I know, obviously, right now, the last I heard, which was just a couple of days ago, was that he is just ready for, waiting for him and creative to agree on the situation. The injury situation is pretty much; I mean, I can’t say a 100%. It’s cleared up today, but I was told that the basic gist is that he is ready to come back.”

It has been approximately seven weeks since Drew McIntyre last competed in a ring, sparking discussions and online speculation about his potential departure from WWE. While the company has the option to freeze his contract and extend his stay to make up for the missed time, negotiations for a new deal have not reached an agreement.

1) WWE expected to release multiple superstars soon

Hi5 Wrestling News
WWE Expected To Make Talent Cuts Soon. The big question is who Triple H will decide to cut. Vince McMahon might also have a say in this situation as well. #WWE #wwereleases #WWENOC #TripleH

Certain WWE Superstars could be in for some terrible news shortly. WrestleVotes has stated that the company is looking to make cuts, and some talent will be released in the coming weeks before July. While it is unknown who the company intends to release at this time, it has certainly sparked concern among fans and talent alike.

”I don’t know names at all, but I know a source that has said to expect a minor batch of releases prior to July 1, I think that’s just business. Hopefully I’m wrong on that one, but I would expect prior to the second half of this year, a few cuts just because of the circumstances that the company finds themselves in right now.”

While budget cuts are common in WWE, there have been no superstars released since Triple H took charge as the Chief Content Officer last year. There have been cuts when it came to backstage staff and production crew, however.

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