Why did WWE scrap Karrion Kross vs Roman Reigns after his return?

Karrion Kross vs. Roman Reigns is a match that many fans are excited to see, especially after the former’s return to WWE last year alongside his wife Scarlett. As it turns out, this title bout was quite close to materializing.

Kross and Scarlett were released from WWE in November 2021, but they were some of the stars who were rehired by Triple H after taking over the creative. At the time of his return, Roman and Drew McIntyre were in the middle of their feud for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship leading up to Clash at the Castle. Kross attacked Drew but also made sure The Tribal Chief was aware of his presence.

Although the former NXT Champion made a dominant return and teased a feud along the way, the company already had plans. As previously reported by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Karrion Kross vs. Roman Reigns did not happen, as WWE wanted Drew for the Cardiff event.

“For Cardiff, it is still Roman and Drew. I was told – of course this can always change – but I was told that it’s really not gonna change. They feel that has to be the match. So as far as when (Kross) gets his shot at Roman Reigns because obviously they’re building to that, I have no idea when that will be.” [H/T Wrestle Talk]

As of this writing, Karrion Kross vs. Roman Reigns still hasn’t happened. After Clash at the Castle, the former NXT Champion went on to have a feud with Drew McIntyre.

He then feuded with Rey Mysterio in the last months of 2022 and the early months of this year. A feud with Shinsuke Nakamura was also recently hinted at. However, the Japanese star was drafted to RAW while Karrion and Scarlett remained on SmackDown.

Karrion Kross vs. Roman Reigns: What were WWE’s reported plans for the feud?

The 37-year-old has not been involved in an angle with Reigns since their encounter during his return. However, the Stamford-based promotion had big plans for Karrion on his return.

In a previous report from Fightful Select, there was interest in Karrion being inserted into McIntyre and Reigns’ feud. A pitch was even made for The Herald of Doomsday to be involved in a program with Roman for his world titles.

Despite not being involved in an angle with The Tribal Chief recently, Kross has not taken his sights off the champion just yet. He previously expressed that even with the new World Heavyweight Championship introduced, he is more interested in ending Reigns’ title run.

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