When a popular AEW star admitted to being attracted to WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus was once hailed as one of the wrestling industry’s most accomplished women’s wrestlers. The legend has also claimed the affection of AEW’s Matt Sydal.

Unfortunately, for Sydal, the 46-year-old star has been happily married since 2006 and is the mother of two children. Stratus married her high school sweetheart and fourteen-year-long boyfriend, Ron Fisico, in September 2006. The couple had their first child in 2013 and another soon followed in 2017.

While Matt Sydal and Trish Stratus were never pictured together, the two seemingly met around 2014 while the AEW star was still with WWE. Most likely after meeting his crush, Sydal took to Twitter to gush over the legend and publicly declare his affection:

“She’s a sweetie! I have a lots of love for and a major crush on @trishstratuscom RT @DPhoenix22 @findeva…” – Sydal Tweeted.

All Zen Matt Sydal
She’s a sweetie! I have a lots of love for and a major crush on @trishstratuscom ???? RT @DPhoenix22 @findeva… tl.gd/nfhbh4

Sadly, even back in 2014, Trish Stratus was already happily married for eight years and had recently had her first child. But was Matt Sydal left broken-hearted and alone?

Unfortunately, for admirers of Sydal, the star is very private when it comes to his life outside of the Squared Circle. Whether or not the star has someone special in his life or is even possibly married, those not personally acquainted with the star won’t have a clue.

However, Matt Sydal could simply be dedicated to his profession, as even at 39 years old, the star is still seemingly healthy and fit. Perhaps the former IMPACT X-Division Champion is simply at peace with who and where he is.

What are Trish Stratus and Matt Sydal currently up to?

Trish Stratus (left), Matt Sydal (right).
Trish Stratus (left), Matt Sydal (right).

Trish Stratus and Matt Sydal might be far from teaming up in the ring or going toe-to-toe, but the two have not been sitting still since Matt’s Tweet in 2014.

The seven-time WWE Women’s Champion last stepped into the Squared Circle in 2019, when she faced Charlotte Flair at Summerslam in a losing effort. At this point, this match is regarded as Stratus’ retirement match. Outside of this, Trish has been teasing a secret WWE project, but has been tight-lipped about it so far.

Matt Sydal has, on the other hand, been very active on the Independent Scene and hasn’t had a televised AEW match since July 27th, 2022. Since then, the star has been teaming up with his protege-tag team partner, Dante Martin, on AEW DARK.

Regardless, Sydal continues to have explosive matches in AEW that might someday rival his WWE run.

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