“What the hell is happening?” – When Mickie James detailed her experience kissing married ex-WWE star

In October 2005, Mickie James made her WWE main roster debut. She spent about five years as an active competitor on Monday Night RAW and SmackDown, during which she had to lock lips with some of her co-workers on-screen, including John Cena, Trish Stratus, and The Great Khali.

During an episode of GAW TV, the 6-time Women’s Champion detailed her experience kissing Khali in 2009. She revealed that the WWE Hall of Famer “slipped me the tongue.”

“Oh my God, I kissed The Great Khali. He slipped me the tongue! And I had gave it right back, f**ker,” she said. [23:38 – 23:46]

Former Women’s Champion Victoria recalled the backstage reaction to James’ kiss with Khali, disclosing that she and their co-workers were in disbelief. James then stated that the Indian legend was married when they kissed.

“[Was he married?] Yes, I think I don’t know it’s probably like an egg on both ways because, you know, he is a nice guy but I was just like what the hell is happening here?” the former Women’s Champion added. [24:05 – 24:16]

Mickie James had two WWE runs

In April 2010, Mickie James was released from her contract. Following her departure, the 43-year-old competed in IMPACT Wrestling and on the independent circuit for several years before re-signing with the Stamford-based company in late 2016.

James’ second WWE run lasted nearly five years before she was let go in April 2021 due to budget cuts. Less than a year later, the former Women’s Champion made a one-off return to compete in the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match. She entered the bout at number 20 and eliminated Michelle McCool before getting thrown out by Lita.

Mickie James recently announced the next move in her wrestling career.

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