“What a dumb finish” – Wrestling world calls out WWE for huge botch in Brock Lesnar’s Backlash match

Brock Lesnar was defeated by Cody Rhodes last night at Backlash, but it appears that the finish of the match may not stand. Several fans have pulled WWE up on the fact that Lesnar’s shoulders were not down, but the official made the count anyway.

Lesnar was busted open from a questionable spit against the turnbuckle, which seemingly changed the tempo of the match that led to him to his loss after his Kimura lock was reversed.

Cody was above Lesnar when the count was made, and from every camera angle, it was clear that Lesnar’s shoulders were not on the mat.

It is worth arguing that this could have been the plan all along at Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar is now far from over. Lesnar and Rhodes could be aware that his shoulders were not on the mat, and that will now lead to the rematch at Night of Champions.


If Lesnar costs Rhodes his place in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament then it could lead to a rematch for the two men in Saudi Arabia in less than three weeks time.

Brock Lesnar was busted open at Backlash

Brock Lesnar took a horrible bump on an exposed turnbuckle last night at Backlash, which led to the beginning of the end for the former World Champion. Lesnar was forced to bump several times as the blood dripped from his face and all over both the mat and his opponent.

Lesnar was left crimson by the end of the match, and some fans have claimed that the blood could have been the reason for the strange match finish since it was clear that by the end, The Beast couldn’t see what he was doing.

The Kimura Lock was a desperate move by Lesnar, but he was rolled backward into a pin. The referee was in the perfect position to make the count, but it appears that he managed to miss the fact that only the top of Lesnar’s neck was on the mat.

Both shoulders have to be flat on the mat in order for the pin to be counted, and all camera angles of the pin show that this was not the case.

Do you think Lesnar and Rhodes will collide once again at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia later this month? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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