Seth Rollins breaks silence after hitting the “biggest stomp of all time” at WWE Backlash

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins was ecstatic after picking up a huge win over Omos at Backlash.

The Visionary amazed the WWE Universe in Puerto Rico as he battled Omos in a singles encounter. It was tough going at first for Rollins as he looked to get in some offense against The Nigerian Giant. When a couple of Stomps did not put the giant to rest, Seth scaled to the top rope and landed a Super Stomp for the win.

WWE correspondent Megan Morant spoke with Rollins after the match. The Visionary was elated with the win. He credited the seven-footer as one of the toughest opponents he ever faced. The Visionary mentioned that he had to bring out the biggest Stomp to put down Omos.

“Let me tell you something about that Giant. He proved how big he was out there tonight because it took the biggest stomp of all time to put him to bed. Eat your heart out Joel Embiid, eat your heart out Draymond Green. You cannot imitate. Very flattering, but I’m still the best baby.” [From 0:45 – 1:01]

You can watch the full video here:

Seth Rollins is one of the favorites to win the new World Heavyweight Championship

A few weeks ago, Triple H unveiled the new World Heavyweight Championship to the WWE Universe.

The new title will be exclusive to the RAW brand. This week, during a press conference in Puerto Rico, Hunter laid out the plans for a tournament to crown the new champion. However, The Game was interrupted by fans chanting for Seth Rollins.

The Puerto Rican crowd was firmly behind the Visionary, cementing him as one of the favorites for the championship.

Do you think Seth Rollins will be the new World Heavyweight Champion? Let us know in the comments section below.

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