“Mommy?” – WWE Superstar reacts to Mandy Rose’s new bikini photo

Mandy Rose might no longer work with WWE, however, her bond with the company’s superstars runs deep.

The former NXT Women’s Champion recently uploaded a raunchy photo of herself, which caught the attention of Cora Jade.

The former NXT Women’s Champion recently uploaded a raunchy photo of herself, which caught the attention of Cora Jade.

Judging by their past interactions on social media, it is no secret that Rose and Jade bonded well off-camera. The 22-year-old star had a one-word reaction to Rose’s latest photo in a bikini.

“Mommy?” wrote Jade.

Check out a screengrab of Cora Jade’s comment below:

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Check out Mandy Rose’s bikini photo HERE.

Rose and Jade have briefly shared the screen on WWE television in the past. During Rose’s first NXT Women’s Championship match against Roxanne Perez, Jade assisted the champion by betraying Perez.

Jade and Perez are former WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Eventually, Perez dethroned the former Golden Goddess and ended her historic title reign in her final WWE match.

WWE veteran Natalya recently praised Cora Jade

Natalya recently praised Cora Jade and spoke about her storyline with the young WWE star from 2022.

Speaking in a recent interview with Love Wrestling, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion stated that the angle with Jade was her favorite from last year. Natalya said:

“[She’s] a bit more of a bad girl, Cora, but I think my favorite thing that I did in 2022 was that storyline with Cora.”

Natalya further continued:

“It was so much fun. She wanted to soak up as much information as she could. She was really a pleasure to work with, and I loved our program together. It was so much fun, and I think that there’s a lot of great things to come for her in the future, too. I think she’s a student of the game. She is also somebody that I pointed to in the crowd! She has this photo of us that we took a selfie in the audience, and she like made it. So, it’s really cool again, like Roxy, Cora’s a fan. She’s a fan, she loves this, and she’s here. She made it. Cora and Roxy are a great message to little girls, and guys, everywhere, that you can have big dreams and you can accomplish them.”

Jade is currently one of the best heels in the NXT women’s division. With her former partner Roxanne Perez now in possession of the NXT Women’s Title, fans could definitely expect the two women to cross paths once again in the future.

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