Massive rematch, possible retirement: 5 possible directions for Brock Lesnar after losing at WWE Backlash

Massive rematch, possible retirement: 5 possible directions for Brock Lesnar after losing at WWE Backlash

The main event of WWE Backlash 2023 ended with a shocked Brock Lesnar covered in blood, and fortuitous Cody Rhodes who had finally slayed The Beast. This was one of the hottest premium live event’s so far, and the crowd popped more than one can imagine!

Now that Backlash 2023 is done, it’s possible Cody Rhodes will resume his path to glory by seeking a rematch against Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. So, what’s next for Brock Lesnar? Let’s look at five possible options for The Beast Incarnate following his loss in Puerto Rico.

#5. Free agent Brock Lesnar goes to SmackDown to resume rivalry with Bobby Lashley

As per the WWE Draft 2023, The All Mighty is working under the blue brand’s roster and The Beast is a free agent, hence, he’s free to go wherever he wants to.

If Brock Lesnar chooses to go to SmackDown, he can resume his rivalry with Bobby Lashley since that came to an abrupt end at Elimination Chamber. Prior to that, Lesnar and Lashley had a couple of matches, and both of them secured victories. However, it never reached a point of true conclusion for either one of the superstars.

With Lashley losing to Austin Theory and Lesnar losing to Cody Rhodes at Backlash, both behemoths will be hungry for redemption. Even if they don’t get rematches with their Backlash 2023 opponents, feuding with each other might channelize their inner demons.

Furthermore, it seems like a rational idea to reignite their rivalry!

#4. Continues to be on RAW and attacks Cody Rhodes

The American Nightmare defeating The Beast Incarnate at Backlash 2023 was personal for both of them. While Rhodes had to ensure he could live up to his words of being able to slay The Beast, Lesnar wanted to ensure he made Rhodes eat his words.

Unfortunately for Lesnar, Cody Rhodes denied him the right to be the predator at Backlash 2023. So, The Beast could come seeking his revenge and continue to be on WWE RAW.

Additionally, Brock Lesnar isn’t someone who takes kindly to being defeated and could unleash the most violent side of him to go berserk on Cody Rhodes!

The Beast wasn’t expecting THIS from @CodyRhodes at #WWEBacklash!

However, if the feud with Cody Rhodes continues, it would seem difficult for The American Nightmare to get a rematch against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the near future.

#3. Takes a break and returns at Money in the Bank

It’s no surprise that Money in the Bank comes with its own set of surprises. Anything could happen including the return of several megastars.

In fact, Brock Lesnar isn’t new to surprise returns at MITB considering he was the surprise entrant in 2019 and he won the briefcase as well.

Now, it probably won’t be that much of a surprise if The Beast returns at Money in the Bank if he takes a break following Backlash 2023. In fact, some fans may even expect the same due to WWE’s common approach of bringing back megastars at premium live events.

Of course, some fans will feel dissatisfied if Brock Lesnar secured the ultimate victory at MITB.

#2. Pursues the new World Heavyweight Championship

Brock Lesnar will most probably not be one of the contenders for the new World Heavyweight Championship. However, once a champion is crowned at Night of Champions, he may make himself known to the eventual winner.

As of now, Triple H has announced that the qualifying rounds for the final two contenders for the title will start on Monday Night RAW and continue on Friday Night SmackDown. Interestingly, SmackDown Superstars are eligible for the title too even though HHH announced the new World Heavyweight Championship will be exclusive to RAW.

@TripleH announces that THIS MONDAY on #WWERaw, the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament will begin!

As per a WWE producer, since the title was announced before the draft, every Superstar is eligible for it.

#1. Brock Lesnar retires

The Beast has had a long pro-wrestling career with ups and downs. He has given the WWE Universe some of the greatest thrillers in matches, cut-throat promos, and been an excellent asset to the industry.

Brock Lesnar has previously spoken of retirement and someday hanging up his boots. He could consider stepping away from the industry following Backlash 2023 after putting over Cody Rhodes!

The Beast has always spoken of being a farmer and living a quiet life after his retirement. He already owns a farm, but could begin to work as a farmer full-time given the circumstances.

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