“I Was Just Terrified Of Boys,” Popular WWE Superstar Revisits Her Dating Life

Alexa Bliss got the chance to live her lifelong dream of working on the WWE main roster, almost seven years ago. She has worked incredibly hard to go to the top of the female roster and becoming the favorite of the creative team helped her, instantly. Her determination to be always the best eventually kept her in the show-runner position both on Raw and SmackDown.

In the process, Alexa Bliss has gone on to become a multi-time women’s champion and a superstar who possesses a massive fan following. She also motivated her fans and made them believe that dreaming about fulfilling their journeys isn’t unreal. Before coming to the WWE, she was a teenager who had a conservative upbringing.

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“I Was Just Terrified Of Boys,” Popular WWE Superstar Revisits Her Dating Life 1

While recalling those days from the past, the five-time women’s champion shared some interesting stories from her early dating life. Speaking on the WWE podcast Uncool with Alexa Bliss alongside The Bella Twins, her dating life was revealed as not that much successful. In fact, she recalled how she was terrified of meeting boys at that age.

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Alexa Bliss wanted to receive permission from her parents before dating

“I remember my first boyfriend, like my first high school boyfriend, his name was Matt, he was in a band, and he was like so cool. My parents hired his band to play my 15th birthday party,” Alexa Bliss stated.

“He was the lead singer, he had the long skater hair, he did the hair flip any time he’d look at you, and then after my birthday he said, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ and I just go, ‘I have to ask my parents because you’re older than me.’ I was just terrified of boys. Like, I couldn’t do it. My dates were always just so embarrassing.”


“I Was Just Terrified Of Boys,” Popular WWE Superstar Revisits Her Dating Life 2

Over the past couple of years, we have got a glimpse of Alexa Bliss’ love life. Through Total Divas, we got to know about her ex Buddy Murphy who is now been signed with the AEW roster in the name of Buddy Matthews. Little Miss Bliss got over that relationship and eventually got married to musician Ryan Cabrera, last year. The two are very happy in their married life, right now.

In her WWE career though, we can’t say that Alexa Bliss is having the best time. For a long time, we haven’t seen her carrying a singles championship belt. After missing a lot of time from action in 2021 and early 2022, she did return to TV but then after the Royal Rumble event, she was again written off TV. On the Road to WrestleMania 39, there were teases of her return but she eventually missed the Show of Shows.


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