“I just feel so free” – Mandy Rose opens up about life after WWE

Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose recently opened up about her adaptation to life after leaving the company.

Rose signed with the Stamford-based company in 2015 after participating in Tough Enough. She spent nearly seven years as an active competitor on NXT, Monday Night RAW, and SmackDown, during which she held the NXT Women’s Championship. However, the company released her from her contract last December, reportedly due to the content she shared on her FanTime page.

In a recent interview with The Sessions, Rose spoke about her adaptation to life outside of WWE.

“It is a little weird, I’m not gonna lie, especially, you know, the traveling and just constantly being on camera and being available at any time. But now I just feel so free. There’s just this like freeing feeling, you know, in a good way. I just have all this spare time. I have all these opportunites that I work on, figure it out, you know, what’s my next move? And just spending that quality time with, you know, my fiance with family. I’m able to go up to New York whenever and see my family. So, it’s just been nice,” she said. [5:30 – 6:07]

The former NXT Women’s Champion also stated that she was grateful for being in WWE for seven years. However, she pointed out that it was hard for her to make plans during that time due to always being on call.

“You know, for seven years I’ve been obviously very blessed and grateful for everything the last seven years being in WWE. But, you know, it’s just the traveling and the crazy on call for anything, it’s hard to plan trips, it’s hard to plan things obviously because it’s just you always have to be available. So, that’s the cool feeling I could say,” Rose added. [6:08 – 6:27]

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Mandy Rose made a million dollars after leaving WWE

A few weeks after her release from the Stamford-based company, FanTime congratulated Mandy Rose on earning a million dollars from her page in the month of December.

In an interview with the Tamron Hall Show, however, the former NXT Women’s Champion revealed that she earned that amount in just two and a half weeks.

“[Is it true you made a million dollars in…] Two and a half weeks actually. [Is it true you made a million dollars in just that short period of time?] Yeah,” Rose said.

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