“I feel horrible for them” – Former WWE personality opens up on what has happened to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon (Exclusive)

The power dynamics in WWE have seen unforeseen developments over the past year. Vince Russo believes Stephanie McMahon and Triple H unsuccessfully tried to oust Vince McMahon from the company.

Despite officially retiring last year, McMahon returned to WWE in 2023 and masterminded the promotion’s sale. The 77-year-old ensured he retained an executive position after the company’s merger with UFC.

Vince McMahon might be regarded as an iconic wrestling booker, but in addition to fans, even talents and people close to him haven’t approved of some of his questionable ways over the years.

While speaking on Legion of RAW, Vince Russo explained how Triple H and Stephanie McMahon seemingly attempted to get McMahon out of the picture but failed.

“I’m being totally honest here. I feel horrible for them [Stephanie and Triple H]. I really do. But on the other side of the coin, you guys had to know Vince better than anybody knew him. And the way you played this hand was the worst way you could have possibly played this hand when you’re voting for the guy not to come back to his own company. What do you think the payoff is going to be, bro?” [29:50 – 30:20]

Vince Russo explained that The Game and Stephanie might have waited a long time to get control of WWE, only to see Vince McMahon come back and reiterate their worst fears that he will never truly let them take over the company.

As noted by Russo, Triple H and his wife are unlikely to get their hands on WWE even after Vince McMahon dies, as they would then be working for Endeavor and its bosses.

Russo knows McMahon as he worked for the 77-year-old for many years and wasn’t surprised that even his family members weren’t considered for a previously-expected succession plan.

“This was theirs, bro. As a guy that worked for Vince, I don’t care if you’re his daughter. I don’t care if you’re his son-in-law. They’ve had to eat a lot of ‘you know what’ Chris, and they’ve had to put up with a lot of you know what. You know what their saving grace was: ‘It will all be over when he’s gone.’ You know how many nights if must have got them through. Now, bro, he’s never going. He’s never going, bro!” [28:28 – 29:48]

“There was a major coup attempt on the part of Stephanie and Triple H” – Vince Russo on Vince McMahon’s return

The former WWE writer had no doubts that one of the most prominent power couples in professional wrestling tried their best to prevent Vince McMahon from getting reinstated to the board of directors.

Vince Russo felt that Triple H and Stephanie’s idea backfired as they infuriated Vince McMahon, who would have given up his desire to let his daughter and son-in-law carry on his corporate roles.

Russo spoke about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s futile attempt at a “coup” and stated how their plans rebounded drastically.

“There was a major coup attempt on the part of Stephanie and Triple H. That is a fact. That came out from the board directly; they vetoed Vince McMahon coming back. When that happened, bro, forget about kicking the bear; you literally took a ten-foot pole and shoved it up the bear’s backside. And at that point, Vince McMahon said, ‘You know what? You two think you’re getting my company when I’m dead? Literally over my dead body.” [22:05 – 22:48]

While Triple H is still in WWE as the Chief Content Officer, Stephanie McMahon announced her resignation in January, coinciding with her father’s return as the board’s chairman.

Is she genuinely done with WWE, or do you see Stephanie making a comeback down the line? Sound off in the comments section below.

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