Eva Marie reveals that she was laughed at backstage for botch on RAW

Back in 2013, Marie made her on-screen WWE debut on an episode of RAW alongside the rest of the Total Divas cast, but something she was ill prepared for went down that night.

During a recent video on her YouTube channel, Marie recalled her first appearance on WWE RAW, during which she slapped Jerry “The King” Lawler with what she considers to be one of the worst slaps in the history of the company.

“My first time on television was slapping Jerry Lawler which was like a rib on me,” Eva Marie said. “Anybody that doesn’t know what a rib is, it’s basically like, joke’s on me is I wasn’t supposed to speak anything on television. I was just supposed to be the Total Divas crew out on Miz TV and then all of a sudden, right before, it’s like, ‘Eva Marie, these are gonna be your lines and then you’re gonna slap The King.’ I’m like, ‘Huh?’ But it’s Jerry Lawler. He’s an older gentleman and he’s, you know, Jerry Lawler so I didn’t want to hurt him by slapping him. Nobody told me how to properly slap somebody so, I think it goes down in history as one of the worst slaps ever where when I got back into Gorilla, everybody was laughing at me because I slapped him (softly) and he kind of was like, you know, tried to sell it as best as he could.” [H/T: POST Wrestling]

You can check out the slap for yourself in the embedded video below.

Eva Marie says the door is open for her to return to WWE

Although WWE released Eva Marie for the second time back in 2021, she still hasn’t ruled out the idea of returning to the company for a third time.

The former WWE Superstar was recently interviewed by WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about a potential return to WWE in the future, Marie didn’t rule out the idea, saying that the door is always open.

“Of course. That door is always open. I mean, we’re in constant talks. When I had originally left, I was filming my first lead action movie,” Eva Marie said, “so that door is definitely one of those things that is always open. I’m definitely down to always cause some trouble and stir up some things, that’s for sure.” [H/T: WrestleZone]

Eva Marie
I know… it looks brutal ???? full video on my YouTube channel !


What do you make of Marie’s comments? Would you like to see her return to WWE at some point in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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