Did Drew McIntyre’s WWE contract end? All you need to know amid exit rumors

Drew McIntyre has disappeared from WWE programming following WrestleMania 39. Quite a few fans speculated that he’s been written off WWE TV due to his contract expiring, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

First, McIntyre was already battling a medical issue during WrestleMania 39. He fought through the triple threat match against Intercontinental Champion Gunther and Sheamus, where Gunther retained the title.

Since then, he’s been off WWE TV, and many believe it’s due to his contract being expired. However, Drew McIntyre’s WWE contract doesn’t expire until early 2024. Currently, he’s still under the WWE contract and was one of the top picks for the red brand during the recent draft.

It is also been reported that Drew McIntyre and WWE haven’t been able to find common negotiating grounds for his pay and creative direction. As a result, he hasn’t committed to signing any upgraded multi-year contract. He could potentially take a break from WWE after his contract expires to explore other opportunities.

Drew McIntyre’s WWE contract status has possibly put a damp on plans

The Scottish Warrior was being advertised for the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV. However, he’s been removed from the poster, and that could be a hint about his current status with the company.

Furthermore, The Scottish Warrior was supposed to be in a feud with Seth Rollins over the new World Heavyweight Championship with a possible heel turn, but that also seems to have been removed from the company plans.

As per Dave Meltzer, if McIntyre will exit WWE, it’s just a good farewell from Titanland if he does it as a heel.

“They could turn Drew McIntyre heel and you know, especially with him possibly leaving, that’s probably the best move and then have him in a program with whichever of the two, Cody or Seth Rollins, they want to be as the number one guy in the brand, for a while.”

On the other hand, WWE is supposedly working on a creative direction for McIntyre’s new run once he returns. Unfortunately, none of this will amount to anything if he doesn’t consider signing the new contract upon the current one expiring.

If that’s the case, WWE might not utilize him the way he deserves to. He will not get title opportunities and probably end up on the mid-cards.

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