Brock Lesnar needs to watch Rhea Ripley’s latest TikTok video ASAP!

Brock Lesnar is bound to have a blast over Rhea Ripley’s latest reel on TikTok.

The Nightmare occasionally shares short clips on her official TikTok handle. She boasts a massive fan following on the social media platform. WWE recently shared a hilarious clip on Instagram that Ripley originally shared on the app.

In the clip, Ripley can be seen holding Dominik Mysterio’s face and telling fans to “look at this face!” For those unaware, The Nightmare used an audio clip from Brock Lesnar’s recent promo in her video.

Check it out below:

Brock Lesnar cut the “Look at this face” promo shortly after Backlash 2023

At Backlash, Cody Rhodes met The Beast Incarnate in a first-time-ever match. Lesnar beat the tar out of his opponent for the better part of the match, but the latter managed to bust him open at one point. He ended up pinning Lesnar to pick what was quite possibly the biggest win of his career.

The next night on WWE RAW, an irate Lesnar attacked Cody Rhodes, costing him a shot at the new World Heavyweight Title. The Beast Incarnate then demanded a match against Rhodes at Night of Champions.

He also cut a promo in which he stared at the camera and yelled, “Look at this face!”

Lesnar is hell-bent on destroying Cody Rhodes at Night of Champions. There aren’t many wrestlers who can boast about leaving Lesnar with a bloody face. Rhodes did the unthinkable at Backlash 2023 and might have to pay the price when he faces Lesnar at Night of Champions.

Brock Lesnar’s promo quickly went viral on social media, and fans turned it into a popular meme. No one in their wildest dreams would have imagined that Rhea Ripley would use the meme in her TikTok video. If he sees it, one wonders what Lesnar would think of Ripley and Dominik Mysterio’s TikTok reel.

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