Backstage Reason WWE Is Holding Off On Alexa Bliss Return

WWE fans may have seen a lot of Alexa Bliss recently, but not much on actual WWE programming. While the star has been making rounds on television, appearing with The Miz on That’s My Jam and then under a disguise on The Masked Singer, she’s yet to return to WWE and wasn’t featured in the recent WWE Draft that took place over the past few days. Why she’s not being used might finally becoming more clear.

According to Dave Meltzer, the long-time wrestling journalist noted on a recent Wrestling Observer Radio that Bliss is ready to go. She’s amped for a return and denials that she’s on a hiatus from WWE are understandable. Why she’s been away is apparently because WWE is waiting on the return of Bray Wyatt and the plan seems to be to put these two together in a program. Meltzer noted the plan is to make it a big moment on WWE television.

This comes following news that Wyatt is reportedly eager to return to WWE and as per Brian James (aka Road Dogg) on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, was given a new writer to work directly with. Wyatt, also, was not a part of the WWE Draft. Neither were designated as free agents.

As for what their new characters will be, that’s not entirely clear. That said, Bliss did tease a possible return of her old witch gimmick that she was using prior to Wyatt’s departure from WWE this first time around.

How Long Will It Be Before She’s Back?

Because it’s not clear when Wyatt will be cleared to return, there’s no way to really know when Bliss will be back if her return is directly tied to his. The good news here for Wyatt fans is that it sounds like he’s coming back. The bad news for Bliss fans is that everyone will have to wait until Wyatt is ready.

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