5 current and former WWE stars who are expecting children in 2023

5 current and former WWE stars who are expecting children in 2023

WWE Superstars usually have a jam-packed schedule the whole year around. Still, they make sure to make some time for their personal lives and their loved ones. Just like how a few current and former stars recently announced that they are expecting their families to grow this year by welcoming new members.

For this list, we are going to tackle five WWE Superstars, current and former, who are expecting a child this year.

#5: Carmella is one of the latest superstars to announce her pregnancy

Carmella surprised her stepkids with the news of her pregnancy, so cool 

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Carmella has been missing from the Stamford-based promotion for the last few weeks, despite just returning earlier this year. She was even booked for the tag team showcase match at WrestleMania 39 alongside Chelsea Green, but her spot was then given to Sonya Deville. Fortunately, her absence is nothing fans should worry about.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion recently shared that she got pregnant in March. This was definitely positive news for everyone around her, as last year, she experienced an ectopic pregnancy after suffering an early miscarriage.

#4: Corey Graves is expanding his family

WWE commentator and former superstar Corey Graves already has kids of his own from his previous marriage with Amy Schneider; Cash Polinsky, Lola Polinsky, and Lenny Paige. All three of his kids and his current wife, Carmella, are getting along just fine. As seen in the video above, they even shared the same excitement about Mella’s pregnancy.

The couple began dating in 2019 after Graves’ separation from his ex-wife. They announced their engagement in October 2021 and married in April 2022.

#3: Former WWE Superstar Kelly Kelly is expecting her first kids this year

One of the most notable female superstars in the past was Kelly Kelly, who made her WWE debut at the age of only 19. Born Barbara Blank, she was released from her contract in September 2012 and has pursued personal endeavors ever since. She made sporadic appearances in the company throughout the years, even competing in the Women’s Royal Rumble in 2018, 2020, and 2022.

The former Divas Champion got engaged to bodybuilder Joe Coba in 2020. They tied the knot in April 2021, and announced she was pregnant in March of this year, adding that they were expecting twins the following month.

#2: Karl Anderson will welcome his fifth child this year

The O.C.’s Karl Anderson is someone who has already been a parent for quite some time now. He is one of those WWE Superstars who mostly kept their personal lives private but would occasionally share some exciting news with fans.

Karl is married to Christine Bui Allegra, and they have four children, Cylus, Caedon, Crux, and Cash. However, Christine recently shared that Cash is no longer the youngest in the family as she is currently pregnant with their fifth child. She is expected to give birth in November of this year.

#1: Pat McAfee will welcome a baby girl very soon

We can’t wait to be parents to a little human???????? only a few more weeks until baby girls debut

Aside from Corey Graves, another WWE commentator who is expecting a baby this year is Pat McAfee. The star has been absent from programming for a while but made a surprise appearance on WrestleMania 39.

Unlike Anderson, who keeps his personal life private, the McAfee couple continuously updates fans about their journey on social media. Pat got engaged to Samantha Ludy in February 2019 and got married in August 2020. They are expecting their first child, a girl, this May.

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