38-year-old WWE star wants to go to war with Roman Reigns after winning the World Heavyweight Title

Baron Corbin desires to win the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship before facing Roman Reigns in a Champion vs. Champion match.

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Since April 2022, Roman Reigns has been the sole world champion in WWE after unifying the Universal Title and the WWE Championship by beating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38. However, the company will crown another world champion after Triple H recently introduced a new World Heavyweight Championship on RAW.

In a recent interview with Catch Club, Corbin disclosed that he wants to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

“I want a shot at this new title. One of my favorite titles in WWE history is that Heavyweight Championship with the big thing. And I always remember like Batista wearing it, Edge having it, and it was always so cool to me. So, to get one that kinda signifies that would be amazing,” he said. [10:22 – 10:35]

The 38-year-old would then like to square off against the leader of The Bloodline in a Champion vs. Champion match.

“Then one day I think it would be epic to be Champion vs. Champion, you know, myself as Heavyweight Champion on RAW and Roman Reigns as Universal Champion and we, you know, go to war over the two. It will be amazing,” Corbin added. [10:37 – 10:48]

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Baron Corbin addressed his recent treatment in WWE

In late 2022, Baron Corbin moved from SmackDown to RAW. He dropped his Happy Corbin persona to become the Modern Day Wrestling God, aligning himself with JBL. However, the Hall of Famer later quit managing Corbin after the latter lost to Dexter Lumis. Since then, Corbin has been seen being ignored in backstage segments.

In his interview with Catch Club, the former United States Champion addressed his current treatment in the company.

“[People have been kind of mean to you backstage] I know, right? Just a bunch of bullies back there. They think they can drag me down. They gotta pick it up, man. It’s jealousy, you know. I think it’s more so they’re afraid of what I can accomplish as well,” he said.

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