26-year-old WWE RAW star details why he is “thankful” for Rhea Ripley

Dominik Mysterio recently opened up about how Rhea Ripley has contributed to his success in WWE.

Mysterio made his in-ring debut in 2020 against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. He has since been an active competitor on SmackDown and Monday Night RAW. Last September, the 26-year-old betrayed his father, Rey Mysterio, and Edge to join The Judgment Day. He also entered an on-screen romantic relationship with his Judgment Day teammate Rhea Ripley.

In an interview with 100.7 The Bay, Mysterio addressed his pairing with Ripley, stating that she helped him grow as a performer.

“I think Mami Rhea has a lot to do with my success as a singles competitor and even my success with The Judgment Day. You know, she’s been a huge part of it and helping me grow as a performer and as a wrestler. I’m very thankful to have Mami by my side.” [1:47 – 2:03]

Rhea Ripley and Dominik were captured sharing an adorable mini dance inside the ring at a WWE live event. Watch the clip here.

Can Dominik Mysterio become a major singles star in WWE?

Besides being a member of The Judgment Day, Dominik Mysterio has lately been on a winning streak in singles competition on Monday Night RAW. After defeating Xavier Woods two weeks in a row, the 26-year-old beat Apollo Crews last night on the red brand.

In his interview with 100.7 The Bay, the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion stated that defeating Woods twice proves he can become a singles star in WWE.

“You know, it’s really important for people to see that not only is The Judgment Day, like you said, strong as a unit but, you know, we’re also strong individually. And just proving that I can beat Xavier Woods, one of the longest-reigning tag team champions, not once but twice is proving that I can hang in there as a singles competitor,” Dominik said. [0:46 – 1:08]

Dominik Mysterio wants to “run it back” against Seth Rollins. Check out his comments here.

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